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Every month, or at least whenever possible, we post a Tijuana Bible from our collection. As the list grows we will try to represent many different artists and examples you might not usually see reprinted.
Amos and Andy in "Tight Spot"
Mr. Prolific brings the characters of the radio show "Amos N' Andy" to life in this ridiculous, racist, pornagraphic comic book

Boots in "Too Good"

Flash Gordon "On A Lark"

Flash and Zarkov hang out with feathered babes.

Archie in "Good Ole Betty"

Archie decides to reward Betty for all her devotion.

It Feels so Good with Ben Blue

"It Was Perfect"

An allegory of man's search for beauty, Tijuana Bible style, by Wesley Morse

Jiggs in "Phew"

Julius Jr.

"Our" Ma

A Ruthless Pimp mother makes her daughters compete at whoring by Mr. Dyslexic

Superboy in Big Bet

Now that's appreciation

The Sod Buster

Mae West and Will Rogers team up in this 16 pager , by Mr.Prolific

"The Navy Goes Down for Old Glory"

Artist #11 shows us what patriotism is really about!

The Sailor and Polly

She's just to much for the one eyed sod.

"Wee Wee's Playhouse"

Artist Wayno makes fun of Pee Wee Herman and his cartoon pals.

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