Peter & Mable Home Made Vintage Tijuana Bible

copyright© 2004, 2005

Talk about fucked up!

Recently several "home made" Tijuana Bibles from the 1930's turned up. Signed I.M.Allcock, these crude, colored, affairs vary in size and length.

Unfortunately, Mr. Cock doesn't do well with the punchlines. While most 8 pagers glorify sex (more or less!), his end in bloody injury. In another comic, ... Olive Oyl, convulsively shaking, has blood pooling from her genitals. It ends with Popeye in triumphant song, humping a crate of poisonous acid!!!

Now, I can forgive almost anything if it's actually funny, however, this is just sick crap. These were represented as coming from the artist's estate, .... if so, from all the handling wear, he found his own work very entertaining,


Popeye crows after abusing Wimpy, Olive and old man Van Ripple in another example by this artist.

all artwork and text copyright © 2004 2005