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Tijuana Bible Articles

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We've written a number of articles about the Tijuana Bibles in our collection, and also included others from earlier print sources.

Tijuana Bible Basics

A History of Underground Comics

Collecting Vintage Tijuana Bibles

What every collector should know.

Sex in Comics by Donald H.Gilmore Phd.

Flash and Zarkov hang out with feathered babes.

Birth of the Eight Pager by Donald H.Gilmore Phd.

Reprinting the first chapter of his 4 volume set.

Original Blackjack Art Discovered

Original Art from 5 Blackjack Tijuana Bibles in Our Collection

Exposed -Movie Stars Victims of Dirty Book Racket

Official Police Gazette Report on Celebrity eight pagers.

Grand Hotel an Obscure 8 pager

Wesley Morse's Celebrity Eight Pagers


A not so rosey look at a loose Woman's future!

Gay Sex in the Tijuana Bibles

What does Jimmy Cagney, Pat O'brien and Dick Powell have in common?

Blackjack's Wayward Girls!

A Guide to the Fifi / Mazie / Tessie Tijuana Bibles by Blackjack

Mystery of the Seven Page Foozy

Foozy fakes a big dick to steal Alley Oop's girl!

Large Format Tijuana Bibles

16 pagers reviewed..

Nellie the Nurse

A look into Doctor & Nurse relationships..

Peter & Mable

Home made erotics from the 1030's.

Titter Tatter Proverbs

A Comparison of Breast Types

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