Mystery of the Seven Page Foozy

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Mr. Skin


Alley Oop's pal, old worn out Foozy, gets a starring role in this Tijuana Bible, but it looks like a publishing fail.

I've seen people describe this Foozy as rare, ... and it is, in the sense that it was never reprinted a zillion times like so many others. All original printings of this series are hard to find. In fact, it may have never been reprinted at all. I've has several, exactly like this and believe it to be the original printing.

It's not unusual to find all kinds of aberrations in repro'd tijuana bibles, but one wonders what happened to the punch line of this otherwise great 8 pager. It's not like it's missing a page, I see that all the time ... page 8 exists, and is blank, in every copy I know of. Was it lost, or censored, .... that would be hard to believe!
If you ever see a complete copy, let us know.

Mr. Skin 

What happens on page 8, I wish I knew!
I bet Alley Oop returns for the final laugh.

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