The Ann Street Comics

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little evie

In '69, a printer and comics fan began reprinting high quality 8 pagers from an Ann Street loft in downtown NYC. As a homage, he solicited comic book pros and produced some of the best 8 pagers ever ... all with excellent artwork and solid gags! Leading the pack in perversion is Little Evie in "Lollipop Lover", a tale of Incest so graphic, just holding it, raises the fear of prosecution..

Though Dagwood in "All in a Day's Work" has become popular from it's inclusion in the Adelson book, the rest of these 8 pagers are relatively unknown to most collectors. Betty Boobs in "The Prophet" has the sexiest drawn women to ever grace an 8 pager, and is a must have item.

betty. dgowwd

Jud Saxon in "Caught" continues the office shenanigans, Buck Rogers' low gravity sex acrobatics get out of control in "Lust in Space" , LOA takes on Hitler & pals in "Joint Action", while Blondey & Dagwood are forced to fuck for their pet pooch's enjoyment in "Upsy Daisy". is proud to be publishing new copies of these rare Tijuana Bibles, purchase them here.

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