Mae West and Popeye Revised Edition

copyright© 2004, 2005

mae west and popeye

Mae West & Popeye were among Mr.Prolific's favorite subjects, and this is their ultimate love match. With a gigantic spinach induced erection, the one-eyed sailor fucks Mae into unconsciousness and carries her back to Hollywood. Also featuring J.W.Wimpy and Rough House.

One of the significant differences in the revised edition (besides better cover art and a new forward featuring Popeye's head emerging from a vagina), is the addition of jokes in the margins of the pages as well as some Tijuana Bible etiquette: "The Height of Stinginess - To Read on of these and Not Buy It."

This 16 pager is very funny and totally outrageous, it won't disappoint you, or your friends. I could never chance taking out my fragile vintage copy to pass around in public, but I have lots of fun every time I let one of these slip out at the bar, it's great to see first timers reactions.

Mae West and Popeye measures 4 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches and is printed on tan cover stock with white interior.

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all artwork and text copyright © 2004 2005