Dumb Dora's RING THANG DOO and other Titles from Mr.Prolific's Spotlight Series

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I just acquired a nice collection of tijuana bibles from Angie, almost all were classic 8 pagers with original printing, from the mid 1930's. There were several from an early Hollywood series, the Engagement Ring Series as well as a few from the  Ornate Border imprint with 2 color covers, but I was especially pleased to get 7 of Mr.Prolific's classic  "Spotlight" series.

These are pretty tough bibles to get, and I still needed a couple from this set, so Angie's  "George Bungle" went right into our library and the rest are available for sale.

This is one of my favorite tiuana bibles series, Prolific's artwork is at it's peak with great character swipes, classic gags, and some with poetic narration that reads like song lyrics. Prolific was a great unsung comics innovator, he experimented with different techniques trying to keep these little comics fresh, his 16 and 32 pagers could be considered the first graphic novels.

As an eight pager, Dumb Dora stands out as an unusually dark tale for Prolific, warning women of disgrace and despair if they loose their virginity and enjoy sex. ..... I had to print it here!, .....  enjoy Dumb Dora's RING THANG DOO, below. Boots, Maggie and  Phil Fumble from this series, also feature this poetic narration. You can buy this original Dumb Dora, photo'd below, on our Vintage Tijuana Bibles for Sale Page, as well as others from Angie's Collection.

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