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betty boop

Betty Boop in "Improvising" - by Mr. Prolific

One of the most popular Tijuana Bibles of all time, we had to make it #1 on our list.
Betty picks up a lifeguard at the beach and things get hot behind the picket fence. They are discovered by the infamous Smut Hound as Betty plays the ukulele while riding the lifeguard cowgirl style. It ends with a classic punchline.

popeyePopeye in "Steppin' Out" - by Mr. Prolific

Another great Tijuana Bible classic here.
While waiting for Wimpy in the whorehouse, Popeye is caught jerking off by the madame, who takes charge of his giant erection. Very funny!

betty boop

J. Wellington Wimpy in "Back to His First Love" - by Mr. Prolific

The original hamburgler, Wimpy will do, or even will fuck, anything for a fresh hamburger sandwich. The last panel is hilarious.

betty boop

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - by Mr. Prolific

Walt Disney must have had a heart attack when this Tijuana Bible hit the streets in 1935.
When Donald walks in on Micky and Minnie screwing, his hard feelings have to be resolved.

joe palooka

Joe Palooka - by Mr. Prolific

Joe gets irate when his xxx-rated sex dream is interrupted.
Mr.Prolific brings the dream sequence to the Tijuana Bible.

betty boop

She Will Be Coming Around the Mountain - by Mr. Prolific

The popular 8 page version of the originally 10 page Tijuana Bible from the ornate border series.
Country boy Zeke gets an ass full of buckshot when Pappy catches him banging Elsie Mae.
Missing from this version is an introduction page and the original page 7 where Zeke says her pappy would kill him.

betty boop

She Saw the World's Fair - and how! - by Wesley Morse

  Dot tours the attractions at the 1939 New York World's Fair while the guide takes his tour of her. One of a series of Tijuana Bibles by Wesley Morse actually distributed at the New York 1939 World's Fair.

betty boop

The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man - by Mr. Prolific

  The first of Mr. Prolific's most well known Tijuana Bible series. The Fuller Brush Man recounts his childhood sexual discovery, and sets off to ravish the young women of America.

betty boop

Zonga The Fan Dancer Get's an Encore - by Wesley Morse

  When an impulsive audience member loses control and starts fucking Zonga during her performance the fans go wild and shout for an encore.

betty boop

Lil Abner - by Mr. Prolific

  Lil Abner is so worked up by a sideshow coochie he visits her in the dressing room, and ends up accused of raping her.

betty boop

Andy Gump - by Mr. Prolific

  Andy gets away from Min for a weekend at the hunting lodge where he seduces a maid with a hairless pussy, something quite unusual in those days

betty boop

Blondie - by Mr. Prolific

  Blondie and Dagwood try to make a second baby.

betty boop

A Sailor Finds Out, If It's True What they Say about Chinese Girls - by Wesley Morse

  A horny sailor takes home a chinese babe and puts her through the paces between gags.

betty boop

The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man "Torrid Tess" - by Mr. Prolific

  He can't understand why she doesn't give it up to her intended?

betty boop

Rosie's Beau in "Oh-Oh" - by Mr. Prolific

Archie acts out the local sex gossip on Rosie!

betty boop

Donald Duck Has A Universal Desire! by Blackjack

  Donald's desire for a female duck makes him settle for a transvestite. An outrageous Tijuana Bible by Blackjack.

betty boop

He Didn't Speak French - by Wesley Morse

When Lord Balls unexpectedly returns home to surprise his wife, he discovers her having sex with a Frenchman, ...but he can't speak french!

betty boop

Etta Kett in "Endorsed" - by Mr. Prolific

Submitting to sexual pressure, Etta gives it up on the couch, but they are discovered. Good punchline.

betty boop

Dick Tracy and the Koh-I-Hur Emerald by Mr. Busy

Tracy finds the emerald in asian Mlle Kootchie's coochie. Racist Chinese stereotypes.

betty boop

The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man "Easy Pickins" - by Mr. Prolific

When he consoles a lonely wife who bursts into his room her husband complains.

betty boop

Gert Gabbo - by Mr. Prolific

The director figures the best way to handle this actress.

wesley moorse

It Was Perfect - by Wesley Morse

One man's search for perfection.

betty boop

J. Wellington Wimpy in "You Bring the Ducks" - by Mr. Prolific

Wimpy withholds sex until he is fed a hamburger.

betty boop

Hans and Fritz Meet a Hootchie Cootchie by Artist #11

A stripper likes the boys so much they become part of the act.

betty boop

Major Hoople in "Phht" - by Mr. Prolific

The Major is beat up when he interrupts a couple having sex with his reminisces.

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