New Tijuana Bibles
for Sale

copyright© 2004, 2005

Tijuana Bibles have been known to induce improper behavior when used with alcoholic beverages

Adults everywhere love our dirty little books, whip them out at a party or club and watch the laffs begin.

Continue the Tijuana Bible Tradition ... Pass them Around to Your Friends.

I could never chance taking out my fragile vintage copies to pass around in public, but I have lots of fun whenever I let one of these slip out at the bar, it's great to see first timers reactions.

All 8 pagers are printed on the finest materials. With 65 lb canary cover stock and Hammermill 24 lb interiors, each booklet is approx 3 x 4 inches, saddle stitched and trimmed.
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Coozing Around the World With Popeye 24pgs Mae West & Popeye 16pgs

Available for the first time in 35 years these books are well drawn & funny as hell!
Read about them here!

These Blackjack Classics are printed directly from the Original Artwork drawn over 70 years ago.
Tijuana Bible cartoon parodies are reprinted as examples of traditional American satire and social commentary.They make fun of real life personalities or comic characters that may be copyrighted or registered but in no way should be construed as an attempt to defame, challenge to, or as an endorsement by copyright holders.
all artwork and text copyright © 2004 2005