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Tijuana Bibles featured popular 1930's cartoon stars in outrageous sexual situations!


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In actual newspaper sequences where he dresses as a woman, and even marries the villain, Popeye the Sailor was no stranger to outrageous sexual situations. His coterie of offbeat characters hung around the waterfront dive of a cook named Roughhouse.

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EXPOSED - Movie Stars Victims of Dirty Book Racket


This is undoubtedly the most absurd article on 8 pagers you will ever read!

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Superboy in Big Bet by Mr. Dyslexic


Superboy is surprised with a dirty girl's

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Tijuana Bibles cartoon parodies are reprinted as examples of traditional American satire and social commentary.They make fun of real life personalities or comic characters that may be copyrighted or registered but in no way should be construed as an attempt to defame, challenge to, or as an endorsement by copyright holders